The Lindsay Square project consisted of two 30 ft illuminated glass vertical towers and a 13 ft x 15 ft centerpiece illuminated glass panel array that now identifies this newly renovated shopping mall to all traffic on one of the main streets in the city. These panels are manufactured from Diamante ultra-low iron glass, tempered and laser etched panels. Each panel took over 12 hrs to laser etch to create a unique fading effect that fades evenly throughout each glass panel. The centre of each glass panel was waterjet cut out and polished to provide the location for the custom machined LED module heat sink plates. The front face of these plates was finished with a 2 mm thick #4 brushed stainless steel cover plate. To create the required effect each illuminated glass panel has an LED light output of 40 watts. A massive aluminum heatsink was designed to displace the heat generated from the high output LED modules. The finished result has created a true landmark for the town of 

Lindsay Square