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Design & 3D Rendering

FOI Designs has a full suite of both 3D CAD software as well as 3D photo realistic rendering software to develop digital content for any residential/commercial project. Engineering work is all completed inhouse and we can provide stamped blueprints of our work exclusively. Feel free to contact us for rates

Tracy Meyer in Guelph, ON on Houzz
Tracy Meyer in Guelph, ON on Houzz

LED Modules

Our LED light components are manufactured in house and each project receives it own independent LED module design. Any color or lumen count is available. All factors for each LED light is calculated and considered in the initial design phase i.e. heat evacuation, solar exposure, water proofing, proper beam angles etc.


For all customers to receive a truly original project from FOI Designs all steel / aluminum  structures and clamping devices are designed and manufactured in house on the latest CNC machining equipment. By not restricting our clients to typical catalogue components we provide an authentic design process. True originality consists not only in the manufacturing process but rather the ability to see through on the client's vision

‚ÄčInterior Designer‚Äč

We understand that new clients have many questions in regards to our product possibilities.  Tracy Meyer's staircase designs will always communicate the client's wishes. Additionally, Tracy can complete the interior design of the surrounding area of our staircases systems, whether that be the front entrance, lobby, kitchen, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms etc.   

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Tracy Meyer in Guelph, ON on Houzz
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