This wine room was designed to display all items within the room from all 180 degrees available to view from the main floor of this residence as well as an open top so the view into this room from the second floor is also completely unobstructed. This room features a massive 4ft x 9ft door manufactured from 12mm thick tempered glass. A junior "I" beam spans the length of the room. This "I" beam has been engineered to support the load/travel of the 225 lb sliding barn door as well as the glass panels on both opposing sides. The door travels effortlessly across the "I" beam with the use of 8 separate high load roller bearings. To reduce the amount of effort required to open/close this barn door heat treated steel strips have been placed underneath the surface area where the roller bearings travel. These strips stop the bearings from wearing into the "I" beam and increasing friction. We do always focus on engineering solutions to eliminate the potential for our products performance failures. 

The wine racks have been manufactured from live edge black wood and 920 steel pins were machined to create a rustic display in this modern design. The cabinet was created from 16g metal, black walnut, powder coated hardware and an illuminated tabletop to better showcase the featured wines during any event hosted by the clients. The room's hardware was manufactured in-house from airplane grade aluminum and finished in a satin nickel.

Wine Display Room