This staircase was designed with 39mm  (1.5") thick, laminated, ultra-low iron glass treads, landings and bridge walkway. Every glass tread is seated on custom machined stainless steel tread plates that were welded onto the hidden stringers. Each stair tread is supported/ fastened with custom designed/machined aluminum tread blocks that were finished in a satin nickel. The tread blocks were designed to carry the load/weight of the brickwork that sits atop of the stair treads. This project also required custom manufactured LED module blocks to throw the light into the desired direction and the aluminum that the modules were manufactured from created an abundant surface area for heat sink displacement. This oversized heatsink design substantially increases the life expectancy of the LED lighting modules. Each glass surface was laser etched in full HD to distribute the light with an artistic flare.

glass stair panels
deck stair stringer
steel stair stringers
metal stair stringer
double stringer stairs

‚ÄčIlluma-Glass Staircase