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3D Design & Rendering   |     $95  hour

Engineering    |     $110 hour

Manufacturing     |     $100 hour

Onsite consultation   l  $350



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Tracy Meyer in Guelph, ON on Houzz

Tracy Meyer

Phone: +1.519.829.0840

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Location: 33 Watson Rd S.

​Guelph, Ont. N1L 1E3


​​​> North American patent - LED surface illumination.

> Google record holder - over 230,000 views in 5 minutes for the design of Justin Bieber's "Batmobile"

> Published in 7 design magazines.

FOI Designs...

We are an independent, custom creative design and manufacturing studio that reaches beyond the traditional confines of design. Our expertise and engineering capability allows 
us to efficiently create new and exciting features to capture your imagination and attention. If you can dream it.....we can build it.


Tracy Meyer in Guelph, ON on Houzz

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