Waterloo Lux Condo

This condo project consisted of designing and manufacturing ultra-low height stainless steel posts to carry the load of 12mm thick, tempered grey tinted glass. All stainless steel posts are finished with a #4 brushed texture.  For the ultra-low post system to perform and exceed strength/load requirements we designed and manufactured expandable mechanisms that mechanically fastened between the floor joists, underneath the sub-floor. This engineered sub-floor mechanism was essential to deliver the product the client wanted. All hardware was manufactured in-house and finished in bright nickel. 

The pickets were manufactured in-house from #4 brushed stainless steel. By choosing stainless steel as the base material for the pickets the clients do not need to worry about scratches, a typical issue with plated pickets. Scratches on stainless steel require only sandpaper to re-brush the picket. Mechanisms were also designed/manufactured to fasten the bottom and top pickets into the floor and handrails. These mechanisms increase the torque and load values of a typical picket from 23 lbs to a new value of 71 lbs.